Non MLS House Buyers weighs in

August 24, 2016
In Houston, Texas, the educated team at Non MLS House Buyers is in the business of buying homes swiftly and conveniently from regional residents. But they also weigh-in as needed as a trusted and experienced real estate leader with advice to share. As a company that regularly purchases homes in varying conditions -- some are pristine and ready to sell while others need a soft touch and loving care -- Non MLS House Buyers offers a few trade tips to those individuals who might also consider a fixer upper versus a move-in ready home.

The pros of a move-in ready location are typically obvious. Not only do these residences provide a quick move for persons and families, but they can also come equipped with the latest and greatest technologies, including energy efficient options that will be great for homeowners in the long run. Cons still exist for move-in ready locations, such as steep expenses when customization is sought or questionable quality due to speedy renovations at times.

Fixer uppers also offer pros and cons, according to Non MLS House Buyers. Fixer-uppers are often available at a lower price, which is beneficial, and homeowners gain creative control of fixing the home to their desires and standards. But delayed move-in can occasionally occur due to necessary work and unexpected costs may arise. Both options have pros and cons so Non MLS House Buyers suggests weighing all choices carefully for every home.

Non MLS House Buyers, A Place for Investors

May 28, 2016
Are you an investor looking for an easy way into the real estate market? Are you not sure where to begin? Non MLS House Buyers is a great place to start. They can offer consulting, advisement and are in the know of houses on the market so they can help you find answers to those questions regarding investment real estate. Perhaps you are just wanting to purchase a second home? That can still be considered investment real estate. They understand how the real estate market works and are eager to assist you to understanding too. Either way, investor or second home buyer, Houston, Texas based Non MLS House Buyers is knowledgeable and ready to help you achieve your investment goals.